80 gallon mixing tank - $2,500 (Visalia)

condition: like new
80 gallon mixing tank. Practically brand new. Works great. $2500 or best offer. I have put the manufacturer description and specs down below. Messages me for questions or offers. I do not have a fork lift to lift on to truck. Recommend a lift gate.

Mixing tank is mainly suitable for mixing and stirring different materials (such as shampoo, shower gel, laundry detergent, detergent, shampoo, etc.)
etc.) Mucus mixing, dissolving and uniform mixing of products, etc., are essential equipment in the daily chemical industry.
It integrates functions such as scraping wall stirring and electric control, and is an ideal equipment for manufacturers to configure liquids.
一. Features and principles of equipment:
◆ The material contacting part is made of sus304 stainless steel, which makes the product comply with GMP regulations.
◆ Wall-scraping stirring, with Teflon scraper for external stirring; it can meet the shape of the stirring tank at any time, and clean the sticky material on the pot wall. Pot and piping
Surface mirror polished.
◆ The main stirring adopts the frequency conversion speed change device, which can reduce the formation of bubbles when the temperature is low and the consistency is high.
◆ The stainless steel electric control cabinet can fully monitor the operation of the equipment, and can display data such as temperature, stirring speed, etc.
二. Equipment parameters:
1.1500L mixing pot main pot
No. Project name Configuration and technical parameters Remarks
1. Volume The working volume is 1500L; the design volume is 1700L GMP sanitary grade
2. Heating method Electric heating, tap water cooling, heating power 27kw
3. Basic structure
Three-layer stainless steel, with frame type one-way scraping and stirring, bottom-loading type homogenizer
type, material cooling homogenizer, double frequency conversion, horizontal motor, electric heating
Material cooling homogenizer
4. Tank material:
The contact part of the inner layer with the material: SUS316L stainless steel, the plate thickness is 6mm;
Middle layer: SUS304 stainless steel, thickness 5 cm
Outer layer: SUS304 stainless steel, thickness 4 cm
5. Discharging method: bottom 63 sanitary butterfly valve with elbow, side discharging, bottom discharging or pump discharging
6. Temperature measurement method Temperature probe temperature measurement
7. Polishing grade The inner and exposed parts of the pot are larger than 320 mesh GMP drug standard

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