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George Smith Road at Mustang Bend

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condición: nuevo
marca / fabricante: Chickens Hens
nombre / número de modelo: FRESH Eggs
tamaño/dimensiones: Medium and Large Eggs

I am now selling a flat of eggs for $5 as I have an over-abundance of eggs. Don't be left out before they're all gone.

My chickens are egg laying machines and are all Free Range. They lay both Brown, Blue, Green and White eggs. The chickens start laying their eggs early in the am and do not stop until late afternoon daily. My chickens lay 50+ eggs daily.

Pay attention to the other sellers of eggs who's charging $4 to $5 + just for 1 dozen of fresh eggs. Also pay attention of the cost to buy old eggs from the grocery stores for a higher price than what we're asking for FRESH eggs, eggs you can get that were laid within 7 days. Compare my rates for a flat of 30 eggs or 2 1/2 dozen eggs which equals $1.99 a dozen, and you don't have to bring your own carton as I provide the flat for free!!

These eggs are Fresh with dark orange colored yolks that are not like store bought eggs that have light yellow yolks and runny egg whites. If you boil your eggs, a way to tell whether the egg is fresh or not is when you go to peel the shell from the egg and the shell comes off easily without taking the egg white with it, then your egg is old. On a fresh egg when you peel the shell off of the egg white, you also peel part of the egg white still attached to the shell. So my question to you is: Which type of egg do you want to eat?

*****A Flat of FRESH 2 1/2 Doz each (30 Eggs) for $5 each if you come to the ranch in Squaw Valley, eastern
Fresno County.

Call or text Paul at ver datos contacto . If I do not answer, please leave a message. Please do not call after 7 pm unless instructed to do so but do text.
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